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Bruin International Southern California Undergraduate Invitational Tournament III - March 21, 2009 - A mirror of the Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament.

We played a double round-robin, then split into two divisions by record and played a round robin in each division. A final was not necessary, as the Chimera team left its playoff bracket undefeated. Notably, Arcadia High School was the top-placing single institution team.

Final Results:

  1. Chimera (Steven Katz, Alejandro Lopez-Lago, Ben Shapero, Gaura Brown)
  2. Arcadia High School
  3. UC San Diego + Steve Shapero
  4. UCLA
  5. Caltech + Helen Yamamoto (UC Santa Cruz) tied with Fresno State

The stats posted do include individual stats from the playoff rounds 11-13, potentially skewing individual performance for those rounds.

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