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NAQT SCT West 2009, Division 2

February 7, 2009 at UCLA

In Division 2, teams played an 11-team round robin, then split into brackets. Arizona State A and Caltech B entered the the top flight with an 8-2 record each, and Caltech A and UCLA left the round robin tied at 9-1. Arizona State swept the bracket, leaving the bracket at 11-2, tied with UCLA for first place. In the final, Arizona State led at the end of time, pending a protest that would have forced a tie. In the hypothetical tie-breaker to decide whether the protest was moot, UCLA showed it hypothetically would have won. As the protest was not adequately resolved, the teams agreed to replay the round on a fresh packet. In the replayed round (round 15 on the stats page), UCLA defeated Arizona State A 170-160.

Congratulations to all the teams in Division 2, especially the incredibly patient Arizona State team, and to all the new teams at sectionals, like Fresno and Claremont. It was a great tournament, and we look forward to having everyone back for BISCUIT in March.

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